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Product Description

This product is polymerized and reacted by ethylene bottom oil, the ethylene by-product, under high temperature. It is black brown

graininess with gloss. It has good solubility, weather fastness and isolating property. It has good chemical stability to acid and alkali. It

also has some other great property , such as, good caking property, low heatconducting property and etc.

Coumarone Resin


Certificate of Analysis 

(coumarone resin 85°C)

Inspection item Controlling standard Inspection result
Appearance Brown granule Brown Granule
Softening point 85-125°C 85°C±5
Ash content 0.5 %max 0.045
Ph –degree 5.00-10.00 7.49
Residual carbon 26%min. 27.87







Main applications

1.Rubber industry
It is widely used for various rubber product, such as tyre, conveyor belt, triangle belt, rubber tube, NBR and etc. Adding this to the rubber has many functions like softening, reinforcing, viscosity improving and dispersion. On one word, it will improve the processing capacity of rubber.
2.Waterproofing material
For waterproof material, its functions are viscosity improving, acid and alkali resistance and antiaging.
3. Paint
It is usually used in coumarone resin with softening point 100#--110#. Coumarone resin can improve the gloss of paint. It can also improve the film adhesion, hardness, anti-acid and anti-alkali property.
4. Modified asphalt
Improve the property of modified asphalt.
5. Fireproofing material.
It can be used for binding agent. There are more polar functional groups which has good adhesiveness with fireproofing material. It also has very high bonding strength under high temperature.



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